“Mountain Climbing Tools”


Hi, Friends!
     I am writing to remind you to occasionally utilize the full, desktop version of Facebook when you visit Cassandra’s Marriage Mints page in order to experience the full benefits of my ministry’s resources. I know it’s easier to surf Facebook on your mobile phones and tablets; however, the mobile FB apps will not permit the option to view or access the new tabs that were recently updated to the page. I don’t want any of you to miss out!
      Today, I’m working on a “Welcome” tab to briefly introduce myself to newcomers and also a tab for “Webconference Coaching Workshops” where ladies can sign up to chat with me, pray for one another, and view videos of ministry leaders’ teachings for FREE via an integrated telephone/online conference call♡! Last year, I held similar webconferencing calls on the weekends and shared a Bible study teaching of Priscilla Shirer’s that was based on the book of Jonah. The groups were small but that did not limit the power and presence of the Lord! I’ll tell you, God will show up when He is invited and glorified! I was able to make the acquaintances of several wives and it was a special, blessed time in the short history of my ministry. I don’t know who the Lord is going to lead me to this time or what topic He will lead me to focus upon, but I am excited, ready to learn along with you and prepared to motivate you as you climb those mountains in your marriage! We all face our own trials, but as sisters in Christ, we can take the journey together. ♡
     Although this is primarily a Facebook-based marriage ministry, I am in position to offer resources such as the workshops , so this page can become more of an interactive community that is multi-dimensional vs. merely offering pics to be Liked 🙂 Don’t get me wrong; continue Liking the posts! But I also encourage you to take full advantage of the resource tabs that are located under the FB cover photo. Currently, there are clickable tabs for ‘Photos’and the NEW! tabs are ****Blog**** and ‘Spring Newsletter’ with the newest ones I’m working on to be added later today. When you visit the tabs, please type your name as a comment as a way of signing a “guestbook” to let me know you can access these tabs.
      I’m looking forward to getting to know more of you ladies in the webconferencing workshops! I know there are wives who are really going through some hard times in their marriage or who would simply like to fellowship with other godly wives. If you’re ready to be encouraged, be built up, and empowered, be sure to watch out for the NEW! tab “Webconference Coaching Workshops” and sign up! ***FYI: If you’re skeptical about calling in on a conference call for the workshops, keep in mind that you can privately send a message to me online during the call for prayer. It is not mandatory that you talk if you do not wish to speak; you can simply dial in, listen, and enjoy videos. ***
Thanks for being a part of this ministry and may God bless you!

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