Being Your Husband’s Helpmeet (w/a prayer*)

One of the hardest things I’ve had to learn is how to be my husband’s help meet and how to refrain from acting as the Holy Spirit. It has taken the help of the Lord to embrace being a submissive and Spirit-responsive wife.  It is a daily challenge and decision to avoid saying things and acting in certain ways, but out of love for God and obedience to Him, I have curbed those old ways of viewing my husband and communicating with him. One of the biggest problems in marriage is when a wife–whether it’s on purpose or not–begins to behave as if she is the Holy Spirit in her husband’s life. As his help meet, she is purposed to complement him, not convict him. She is called to be his helper, but there is only one Helper and He is God’s Holy Spirit. When a wife takes the position of trying to change her husband or mold him to be who she thinks he should be, she is out of line. And in doing so, her motives are flesh-driven–motivated by selfishness–rather than by the Spirit. Therefore, she will reap no fruit from her efforts. God does not need our help to work in our husbands’ hearts. Instead of a critical, convicting voice, a wife needs to rely on God to make the necessary changes in her husband’s heart. If you find that you are in this position, there is grace for you. Ask God for forgiveness and for help to learn how to submit to your husband and love him for who he is. I understand it is difficult to stand by and know that your husband could be better and do better, but leave the molding up to God. God doesn’t need any assistant potters 🙂
Lord, help me to be the wife you have called me to be. Keep me focused on the changes I need to make within myself.  Remind me not to get in the way of Your Holy Spirit by trying to change my dear husband. It is not my job. Instead, show me what I need to do to be the best companion and partner he needs and may my life of obedience to You be a testimony that encourages and motivates him. Lord, remove from me the need to correct my husband and point out his shortcomings. Help me learn to trust You more and understand that You have a plan for my husband and You are working it out in Your perfect timing. Thank You Lord for being our Potter and perfecting us by Your Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Enjoy this icebreaker photo that will help you initiate non critical conversations with your husband ♥
Have a Blessed day!
~Cassandra》All rights reserved.


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