4 thoughts on “All Things: Weddings

  1. Gods Glory says:

    Cassandra have you ever taken a deep look at weddings, I was reading a couple of months ago during a fast and the Lord showed me something. I go to prepare a place for you- in biblical times the groom would go back home and prepare a place for him and his bride. The verse No man knows the hour or time the groom will – the bride never knew when her groom was coming so she always had to be ready. We are to constantly be ready because we don’t know the date, time or the hour when he will come for us. The other thing was the last supper, it was like a rehearsal dinner of sorts, the 12 disciples were his groomsmen. He chose them wisely, then his last words on the cross “ it is finished” means the consummation… The 10 maidens with all five didn’t have enough, but when they ultimately got enough the door was shut. Funny because after the bride walks in the door is to be closed and no one is to come in after her. I recognize I am rambling, but.. I so love reading your blog. I always hoped that me and my future husband would work together in ministry, but I am not sure that is in the cards, because I haven’t meet him yet. I am trusting and relying on the HS to teach me all things.

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    • Cassandra's Marriage Mints~ The Grass Is Greener Where We Water It says:

      I really like your insights! What is your name? You aren’t rambling. You’re prophesying. God gives understanding. You are making sense and showing that you are visualizing it vividly. What I have learned is that when we put our hopes on our spouse’s/another person’s character or state of being and it depends upon their sanctification–their being sanctified and molded by God– I may set myself up for disappointment. I used to see me and my husband working in ministry together too. God gave me peace that marriage in itself is ministry in action even if the only ones being served the Gospel are me, my husband, and our children. It is a beautiful desire to have. Pray about it. 🙂


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