Cassandra’s Marriage Mints is a marriage ministry the Lord put into my heart to create in order to encourage, inspire, and minister to married/engaged couples and those who are unwed but who plan to get married in the future. This blog is an extension of my ministry at http://www.facebook.com/LivingLaughingandLovingLikeChrist
Here, you will find refreshing pics, poetry, Bible Scriptures, and insight based on my understanding in the Lord. I choose to support marriage as God designed it–between one man and one woman in order that their union brings glory to Him as it portrays Christ’s relationship with the church (Ephesians 5:25-33). I pray this blog is a breath of fresh air to all who visit herein–a place of creativity and peaceful enrichment– and provides support and motivation to achieve a marriage that is victorious in Christ! Be blessed!

~ Cassandra

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      • Tami says:

        I have a question.
        I’ve been reading and praying and really working on my self and my faith. .
        I feel blessed that I have seen and felt so many signs that God hears me, but lately my signs are troubling me.
        Does God actually put two people together in marriage and then encourage one to let go in this marriage when the husband choses another woman ?
        I have been praying about reconciliation in my marriage regardless of any obstacle we’ve been thrown. But lately, I feel like it may be God’s plan for me to let go. ?
        I believe that what God has joined together let no man…
        But does God ?

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      • Cassandra's Marriage Mints~ The Grass Is Greener Where We Water It says:

        Hi Tami, I am sorry this is happening in your marriage. If God hears you which He absolutely does, He also speaks to you. He may be telling you to let go let God. Release him completely to God knowing you have done everything to stand. God knows how hurtful adultery is. You may need to take this time to focus on healing and becoming whole in Him while He works in your husband’s heart. I pray this helps. Continue seeking peace and love from God. He is your Husband (Isaiah 54). β€πŸ™πŸ½ Praying God changes your husband’s heart and he will repent and seek God’s will which IS FOR MARRIAGE COVENANT πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™πŸ½


      • Tami says:

        Thank you for your reply, I was very happy to see it in my inbox today. I have continued to pray for my husband and for God to go to him or for him to seek God. I know in my heart that God does not want divorce and that man or woman can very easily fall into following themselves or evil before God in today’s world. I have been blessed with the incredible realization that God does have a plan and that he is the only one who is in charge. Your comment about let go, let God is spot on as my very christian friend has been saying this to me the whole time my marriage has been in crisis. Although, I will have to trust God to be with me to be able to forgive my husband should he be reached by God and find his way back to our marriage. It will be difficult to trust and difficult to feel secure again, But I also know that if God is in our lives it will be attainable.
        I also know that God has my best interest in plan and I am very grateful.


  1. Elena Mancuso says:

    I came across your blog, while searching for information on how to pray the other woman away from my husband and also on how to pray for the rostral of the other woman marriage to her own husband so she stops seeking my husbands affection. I used your prayer for the other woman and it helped me to be more peaceful and hopeful that God will restore her marriage and also mine as well and that I am hoping that one day I can witness to her and be able to tell her that I forgive her for seeking out my husband. I pray that God will convict her heart and make her turn to him for the love that she is lacking in her own life. Thank you for posting that prayer.
    Elena, in California

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  2. Gods Glory says:

    You are a blessing, you are inspiring. I have another blog that I’ve been babysitting waiting for the right time. It is for the proverbs wife and the Eph 5 husbands. I am a single young woman who believes in God’s covenant. I trust in allowing him to write our love stories. I believe in the power of the prayer. I have been trying to create an army of prayer warrior who will fight for their families, their marriages. You have just lit a fire underneath me. Thank you so much, may the Lord keep you..

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