Who Do You Follow?


I found this painting of Sacajawea–the Native American guide in the Lewis and Clark expedition to find the Pacific Ocean–on Pinterest. “Guide” really stood out to me because a guide is someone who will lead you someplace. I think about how we are always being led. We can either be led by our flesh or by the Holy Spirit. How blessed we are that we have Jesus!!! “He led captivity captive” and made a way–leading those willing to follow Him–to eternal life with Him in and our Father. I think on how we rely on earthly guides in our spiritual journeys–our spouses, pastors, tv evangelists, and people who say they are prophets. Our spouses and Pastors are shepherds whose role is to point us to Jesus The Good Shepherd. We need to be certain that if we are guided by anyone that he/she is not only concerned that we have only temporary successes and achievements here on earth but is more concerned that we reach our destination by following Jesus to the promised land– to eternal life. We must be careful that we look for guides who are ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing and are only out to be huge successes. They preach sermons that mainly motivate us to pursue our dreams and worldly accomplishments and neglect to tell us what thus says the Lord in our Bibles. We need to be certain to look for guides who talk about Jesus and preach God’s Word simply because they are following Jesus too and want to spread His good news.
Our destination cannot be someplace on this earth simply to retire and say to our spouses and children “Honey, we made it.” Our destination must be set to heaven and that means no spiritual retirement; we must press on with more fervor and determination to pursue Jesus and follow His steps all the way to our promised land in eternity. We must be mindful of our guides! Cassandra

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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