~Welcome~Come Take a Walk With Me


I just want to take this time to welcome all of my new members to my ministry! I’m Cassandra, and I am so glad to be meeting new wives online in my Facebook community page. I have seen an increase in wives reaching out for prayer and counsel! I want to encourage you to message me any time if you are in need of being uplifted and motivated in your walks with God!
It is my humble honor to be of service to you and stand in agreement with you as you pray for God’s will in your marriages. 
I want to invite the wives and the husbands and the singles to join me–take a walk with me–in an effort to be more intentional about having quiet time with the Lord. It is so essential for peace and so we can hear from Him the directions and guidance that will order our steps.
Come! Walk With Me
At the beginning of your day, have a cup of tea, coffee, or water w/lemon. Sit someplace where it is cozy and quiet. Pray and seek God’s peace for your day. Thank Him. Then, read from your Bible uninterrupted for at least 20 minutes or read a devotional that is based on His Word.
Throughout your day, pray and thank God instead of complaining. Drive in silence or play praise and  worship music.

If you are joining me for this “walk”, I encourage you to share how it changes you. I will be sure to share about mine as well 🙂
Thank you and God bless!

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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