3 Things Your Husband Needs to Hear You Say


There are three simple things that every husband needs to hear his wife say to him:
◆ “I love you.”
◆ “I want you.”
◆ “I believe in you.”
It’s important to affirm your love and respect for your husband for who he really is, not who you envision him to be. Sometimes the responsibilities of life can overwhelm him, and you can be his trusted friend and lover who speaks life and confidence back into his heart. Don’t be shy about reminding your husband that you still find him to be attractive and desire him sexually. If your husband doesn’t express his emotions verbally, sexual intimacy with you may play a large part in him expressing his love for you, as well as, his willingness to connect with you. Tell your husband that you believe in his dreams and his abilities to lead you and your family. He may encounter doubters and naysayers in every other area of his life, but you be the corner–the haven–where he returns after a hard day at work. You be the “Yes!” that he longs to hear. You be his cheerleader ^_^
Enjoy a Blessed day!
Proverbs 31:11~ ” Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life.”
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