“New Model of Christ-centered Marriage “

God is so good!I know we’re all familiar with the triangle model for marriage with the husband and wife at the bottom corners moving closer to God at the top in order to move closer to one another in their relationship. I love that model! Tonight God gave me a new one. It is a dynamic, moving model– a seesaw! Christ is the center, the fulcrum of the seesaw (marriage).


The husband and wife sit facing Him through their up’s and down’s. Without Christ at the center of their marriage, they cannot move. He is the fulcrum! Fulcrum is defined as being the support, or point of rest, on which a lever turns in moving a body. The lever that the husband and wife sit on is God’s will. They move in the direction of God’s will for their lives and so may not always be in the same place. It’s okay for the husband to be up and the wife to be down — in different places in their spiritual walks. This phenomenon can cause confusion and focus upon the concept of “unequally yoked” marriage. The important thing is to keep eyes on Jesus and for them both to.be there for each other to balance as the Father’s will is worked in their lives. The success of their marriage depends on their focusing on the Fulcrum, who is Christ! He provides rest and support at all times in their marriage journey. This model accurately depicts the dynamic movement that occurs when a husband and wife actively engage upon God’s will within their Christ-centered marriage.
#LoveGodIdeas!!! :+)
Cassandra Salamone

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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