Countdown: 7 Days til’ Christmas!


posting Tuesday’s Blessing Assignment as early as I can so that we can have a head start in preparing to bless our spouses! Today the key word is “Relax”. We are going to make it easier for our spouses and, thusly, ourselves 😉 to relax. Ways we might help them relax: offer to give a back massage or a foot massage; run a bubble bath and light candles and make it romantic–only let your spouse be in peaceful solitude to unwind and simply relax; set up their favorite reading area and provide books, tea/coffee, and finger foods; pamper your spouse by offering to shampoo their hair or a scalp massage; serve your spouse breakfast/dinner in bed; turn the lights down and put fresh linens on the bed and simply take over so he/she can get in the bed and rest. If for some reason you’re unable to help him/her relax, do it for yourself so you can at least relax ♥ This assignment will make a wife feel cherished and a husband will feel loved and respected. Pray you all have a stress-free day! Be blessed!
Cassandra :-}

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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