A Different Dress

Happy Sunday everyone! Everyday we each have to get up and get dressed. Each day we have to look in the mirror and deeper still–into our hearts. We have to face ourselves. Our lives lines up according to what we stand for and our established  priorities. Our lives and who we are reflect those things that are in our hearts. Proverbs 27:19 “As in water face reflects face, so a man’s heart reveals the man.”
Yesterday, after considering the fluctuating numbers concerning my ministry members, I faced within myself my heart’s motives and what drives me to do this. I want to clarify and share what’s in my heart.
On my wedding day when I put on my wedding dress, I had no idea that marriage was so much work! I had no idea that marriage is about Christ and His relationship with the church and that it is a refining tool used by God to perfect Christ’s love in husbands and wives. I was clueless and faced discouragement because I simply could not understand those principles at that time in my Christian walk. I faced marital infidelity and received far more advice that came from people’s hearts who did not follow Jesus rather than from those who did follow after God’s heart. I began to diligently seek His heart in prayer and by reading His Word. The more I sought Him, He revealed Himself to me and opened my understanding so I could begin to apply His Word to my marriage and life in general. He restored my marriage, and I have witnessed His wonders and miracles in the work He has already done and is still doing in both our hearts. I know how it feels to face despair and hopelessness and defeat. I know how it feels, and that was a time when I relied on the answers I found in my own heart and emotion-based reasoning. When I turned from my own heart and allowed God to order my steps according to His Word, there was healing, times of great refreshing, joy, and peace in Him! I give Him all the praise! All the glory! He lit a flame inside of me to want to serve Him first and to help others who might be in that position I was in when my marriage was falling apart.
I do it for the Lord because I can share about Jesus and share my testimony of how it was only by the grace of God that my marriage was restored!!! I never wanted to do it for the Likes or the numbers!!!
In my silly heart lol underneath my ordinary clothes ,I wear my wedding dress! It’s a different kind of dress indeed! And under my dress like a superhero, I sport a “C” that stands for Christ everyday  because He is my superhero!!! It is because of Him, I am saved!!! So everyday I get up just like you and I get dressed. I face myself and look into my heart but I don’t stop there. I look deeper still so that my life is lined up with the heart of my Father. I do my best to please Him, and I am grateful I can confess my sins to Him and know that I am forgiven when I fall short! THANK YOU JESUS!!! His grace IS sufficient for each day!
Each of you wives wore a unique dress that reveals your creativity and style. Each bride wears a different dress. In like manner, Cassandra’s Marriage Mints reveals my creativity and style so I know that makes me subject to personal opinion and scrutiny. I don’t have a problem with being questioned because I am fallible and will never claim to know it all. I just pray that my ministry serves you in that it makes you think, smile, and have hope in God that marriage is a GOOD plan! A blessing! May God bless and keep you all!
~ Cassandra

2 thoughts on “A Different Dress

    • Cassandra's Marriage Mints says:

      Thank you so much! I give God all the glory and praise because were it not for His grace there would be nothing to praise or celebrate! I celebrate Christ in me 🙂 My shining star! God bless you sister! Thank you for stopping by and leaving kind words.


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