Hope After Adultery


Adultery is one of the most devastating acts of betrayal a person can experience. It’s almost as if the betrayer takes their spouse’s heart and grinds it into the ground with the heel of their boot until all that remains is a beating, bleeding, mess of surprise, agony, and despair. Anger rears up to salvage the shreds of dignity that have been stripped by the adultery.
One might wonder how can there be hope after a spouse has cheated? When cheating occurs, it can seem impossible to know what to feel or how to proceed in the marriage.
It’s a wonderful thing we can find hope in God’s Word. God led me to some verses in Job that reveal steps a husband and wife can take together in order to transition from a pit of hopelessness to an ocean of hope.  These verses also provide expectations for when we follow His instructions.
Job 11:13-19~
“If you set your heart aright
    and stretch out your hands toward him,
14 If iniquity is in your hand, remove it,
    and do not let injustice dwell in your tent,
15 Surely then you may lift up your face in innocence;
    you may stand firm and unafraid.
16 For then you shall forget your misery,
    like water that has ebbed away you shall regard it.
17 Then your life shall be brighter than the noonday;
    its gloom shall become like the morning,
18 And you shall be secure, because there is hope;
    you shall look round you and lie down in safety;
19     you shall lie down and no one will disturb you.
Many shall entreat your favor,”
If a couple will reach out to God for help for healing and hope….
if the cheater will stop cheating….
if they will both out their sins away and repent….
if they will not allow or entertain unjust or sinful things to take place in their home (brings to mind pornography, threesome’s, drunken parties), then they can lift up their faces in innocence knowing they are not bringing wickedness upon their own marriage.
Then, that husband and wife can stand firmly and confident without fear. The misery and time of despair will seem to fade away gradually until they’re able to see it as a memory in the distance. Their life together will be brighter than the sun at It’s brightest at noon and the dark, gloomy times, the sadness will be passed–OVER, FINISHED–like the morning when it’s gone.
They’ll be able to look at each other and their marriage and be secure because there’s HOPE!!! They can rest in God and trust that no one and nothing will bother them! They’re protected! And this hopeful situation they now find themselves in causes other people to seek their favor, their blessing! AMEN!  Hallelujah!!!!
The path to Hope after adultery is reached by reaching out to God. He will help you and your spouse to heal! Nothing is too hard or impossible for God, and that includes restoring marriages torn asunder by adultery!
©Cassandra Salamone. All rights reserved. No reproduction. 

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