Cassandra’s Marriage Mints


Happy Friday everyone!
Although I will not be posting as often directly to my Facebook page, my ministry is still up and running! Praise God:) I’ve been doing some research and what I’ve found is that the Christian pages that do not mention the words  “Jesus”, “Bible”, “God”, “Lord”, or “Christ” OR lack Scriptures within their updates are the pages that Facebook does not hide. There is nothing wrong with Christian pages that are actually ministering and leading others to Christ, there is something wrong with those who do not acknowledge Jesus! I am thankful I have never watered down this page to simply be a podium for me to voice my thoughts and opinions apart from glorifying the Lord. I’m glad because I share the ministry of the Good News of Jesus Christ. This page too was once a page that rolled out pretty pics and headlining phrases to capture the eyes of Facebook members, but one thing I’ve learned is that if Jesus is not a part of it all, it is for nothing! So I will continue to teach the true meaning of marriage and share my love for the Lord! There are many who don’t want to know the truth;but there are some of us who do, and even if I can reach a handful of people, praise God! Facebook may not promote Cassandra’s Marriage Mints, but truly rewarding promotion comes from the Lord! Thank you for being a part of this page. I will not grow weary in well doing for I know if I press on, I will reap a harvest!
To those of you who reached out to me, Thank you! God is good!!! Marriage is a BEAUTIFUL thing, and I will continue to encourage. Please be patient. The posts may not be as frequent but they will still be substantial.♥
With Titus 2 Love,