Hot Cocoa w/ Jesus

Although this is a really special time for my family and I will be taking time to focus on my marriage, the Holy Spirit wants me to share joy with you on this page. It’s important to share love and cheer especially during this time of year. I know it is difficult for many as you long for your prodigals to return home, so the Lord impressed into my heart to spread cheer through His Word. He gave me a vision of Jesus sharing hot cocoa with a stander snuggled next to Him. The television show they watched was the journey of their marriage and they laughed together. He held her while she cried as He pointed out all the times she didn’t know He was cradling the tears that fell from her eyes and all the times He carried her when she felt she couldn’t go on. I want you to feel that and see that. See yourself with Jesus. For your Maker is your Husband and He is with you and will never forsake you.
Although one verse may be posted, do go deeper and beyond 💝
I encourage you to make time everyday to fix yourself a cup of hot cocoa and spend time with Jesus in His Word. He is the Living Word. Snuggle up to His presence and let Him comfort you. You are loved and His love is the miracle we all need everyday.
With lots of love,
Watchmen Wife Cassandra 🙏🏾

Enjoy some time with the Lord as you rest in His love.

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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