New Prayer for the Other Woman

My new prayer for the other women is that God will remove her from married men’s lives. That she’d be reassigned, rerouted, redirected, and reversed from every open gate of access to them. May the other women lose interest in being either emotionally or physically available to married men in the name of JESUS. May every point of access to a married man be hedged up with thorns as in Hosea 2:6 that would prick their conscience and cause them to recoil, to jump back AWAY from them. AWAY from meeting or speaking to a married man. May they FLEE from married men! May God bless the other women with single unmarried men and hedge off those men who have wives standing for them for their covenant marriages. May the other women be confounded and lose desire to be with or connect with anyone’s husband. May they fear God and His wrath. May they suddenly understand that their pride in being with a married man comes before their fall to destruction. May the spiritual blinders fall off and they repent of entreating and entertaining married men in sin. In Jesus’ name AMEN πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

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