A Godly Marriage

There are many key components of a healthy, God-honoring marriage and I’d like to share a couple:📣Prayer and agreement. The willingness to agree–even if it’s to disagree. The ability to lay the irritant, the problem, down in order to come together to Pray is like air to your marriage. Without prayer, our marriages will simply suffocate and instead of a rich, dynamic relationship between husband, wife, and God, there exists a dying one-sided living arrangement. It will be one-sided without God’s input because it will be flesh-driven–led by selfishness and limited human understanding. We need prayer because we need God’s help and with Jesus at the center of our marriages, we open up another side–a supernatural side that blesses and prospers our ability to love like Jesus loves His church. That is a sweet covenant bringing God honor and glory that has Jesus at its center. Pray first. Pray and then think. Pray and then feel. Pray before you respond. You think you’re right or wrong–Pray.

📣 Sex. God created marriage so that we can healthily be passionate and fruitful within its sacred confines. Just because marriage is sacred doesn’t mean it must be ritualistic or forced or boring. A husband and wife should seek to cultivate an intimate relationship–physical, spiritual and emotional all at once as they seek God’s help in demonstrating and exerting their passions in a way that does not defile their marriage bed. Sex should never make either spouse feel humiliated or be intentionally hurtful. It should be an enjoyable time to celebrate their union by physically culminating the spiritual truth that they are one-flesh. Keep your marriage bed pure and unadulterated by avoiding pornography and adultery. Pornography is about getting a release and God designed everything about marriage to be about love and service–seeking the needs of our spouse before our own. Praying together can deepen intimacy so pray and ask God to bless your marriage bed. A married couple’s sex life is not beyond God’s scope. He can heal any sexual trauma that is hindering you and He can turn up the fire of passion between you and your spouse! Some people will try anything to boost their excitement in their sex life. I dare you to pray and try God! He will rev it up and increase the love you are able to express during love-making. May God bless our marriage beds! 

Cassandra’s Marriage Mints. All rights reserved. ©2017May.

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