“Love”This painting illustrates the Bride before the Bridegroom Jesus. The depictions of the dove representing the Holy Spirit and the pomegranate sliced open, spilling seeds, as well as, the water jug tipped over washing her foot, are rich with revelation. This speaks so much to my heart about marriage:

What brings us to our knees brings us to the secret place where we stop running and sit with Jesus. When the troubles can cause a husband and wife to work together instead of sin running them apart, Jesus is their present help. Troubles can be made to serve us in our marriages as God’s promise in Romans 8:28 causes them to work for our good! Husbands in order to lead must learn how to serve. Leaders have authority in a position that is seated, which means that a husband must have humility and be willing to wash his wife’s feet. He must be willing to learn his wife–her flaws and her weaknesses–not so that he can exploit them or manipulate her by them but so he can wash her with God’s Word. By the power of the Holy Spirit, a husband is seated in a Holy place as he says Lord use me in her sanctification. Let our brokenness bear fruit Lord, as a pomegranate is pregnant with seeds and no flesh; Let our brokenness bear seeds of blessings that will yield good fruit in our marriage. Let my wife feel that my embrace is her sanctuary and we can sit together before the Lord with the best of our brokenness, the best of our passion and love for each other spilled out before You. Make our marriage sweet with the fragrance of Your presence as we sit down with the One seated at the Right-Hand of the Father. Abide with us, near us, and in us Oh Lord. In Your precious name adorned with Eternal Love. Amen 🙏🏽 

Cassandra’s Marriage Mints. All rights reserved. ©2017April. 

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