Stand and Be Strong!

There comes a time when you have to stop begging and crying over the storms in your marriage when your spouse is caught in sin. You have to stop mourning and grab hold of God’s Word. Grasp it tightly, and do not let go!!! Call to God’s remembrance the promises in His Word. Ask for His hand to ACT to MOVE in your situation! 


“I have prayed Oh Lord! I have fasted! I have done everything that I can do. Now, it’s Your time! I am excited to stand with confidence in expectation of WHAT ARE GOING TO DO LORD. Thank You in advance for all that You have been doing in my marriage and for what You’re about to do! The wickedness in my marriage cannot continue Lord! Get the glory in this marriage so that sin cannot reign any longer! In Jesus’ name Amen! 

Cassandra’s Marriage Mints. ©2017April. All rights reserved.

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