The Esther Study finale 📖 

Upon Haman’s exit from Queen Esther’s banquet, his smugness was short-lived when he encountered Mordecai “in the king’s gate and that he did not stand or tremble before him..” (Esther 5:9). Haman was so “filled with indignation”, but he remained composed so that he could get together with his wife Zeresh and their friends in order to brag about “the multitude of his children, everything in which the king had promoted him, and how he had advanced him above the officials and servants..” (5:11). 

Haman boasted that Queen Esther had prepared a second special banquet that only he was invited to attend with King Ahasuerus. He complained to his wife and friends that his prestige and importance were marred and of little effect amidst the continual defiance of Mordecai the Jew who sat at the king’s gate (5:13). Zeresh and friends devised a scheme to help Haman get rid of Mordecai:“Let a gallows be made and in the morning suggest to the king that Mordecai be hanged on it; then go merrily with the king to the banquet” (5:14).

Their evil plot “pleased Haman” and he commissioned the gallows to be made (5:14). Haman was so vindictive and impatient to be rid of Mordecai’s insulting presence, he could not wait for the decree to carry out his murder. He had to personally take his murderous motives for Mordecai into his own hands with their hastily concocted scheme.

✨✨✨I believe that during the same night, God caused King Ahasuerus to be restless and brought remembrance of the good that Mordecai had done. He commanded the book of the records of the chronicles be brought out and read to him. “And it was found written that Mordecai had told of…the doorkeepers who had sought to lay hands on King Ahasuerus” (6:2-3). The king asked what honor had been given to Mordecai to repay him for revealing a plot to end his life; and his servants informed him “Nothing has been done for him” (6:3).✨✨✨
The king’s remembrance of Mordecai carried into the next morning because when his servants answered the king’s question, Haman had arrived in the outer court. He was there bright and early to make his suggestion that Mordecai be hung on the gallows he had built for him. 
When the king allowed Haman to enter, he asked: 

“What shall be done for the man whom the king delights in?” 

✨✨✨Mordecai pondered in his heart whether there was anyone who the king might “delight to honor more” (6:6). Mordecai asked the king for a “royal robe which the king has worn”, “a horse on which the king has ridden, which has a royal crest placed on its head”; AND he wanted those delivered to him by the hand of “one of the king’s most noble princes” so that the prince could put the robe on him and also “parade him on horseback through the city square, and proclaim before him: ‘Thus shall it be done to the mam whom the king delights to honor!” (6:7-9). 

This is the part of Esther’s account where we see a twist–a turnaround–in the enemy Haman’s wicked plans. ✨✨✨

The king promptly agreed with Haman’s suggestion. He ordered him to take the royal robe and horse with the royal crest so that he could do just as he suggested for “Mordecai the Jew who sits within the king’s gate! Leave nothing undone of all that you have spoken.” (6:10). 

Haman did all that he had suggested and had to perform this great honor for the very man he wanted hung on the gallows he had built the day before! Haman had to put the royal robe on Mordecai and lead Mordecai in a procession all-the-while proclaiming that this was the treatment bestowed on the man the king “delights to honor!” (6:11) The king delighted to honor Mordecai not Haman!!! 

Haman must have been shocked to his core. Oh, how his plans had begun to backfire and unravel right in his hands and in front of his eyes! 
Following this surprising turn of events, Mordecai returned to the king’s gate, while Haman scurried home in his humiliation and despair “mourning and with his head covered” (6:12). He shared his upsetting news with his wife and friends who were wisemen or oracles. They delivered an ominous revelation to Haman saying, “If Mordecai, before you have begun to fall, is of Jewish descemt, you will not prevail against him but will surely fall before him (6:12-13).

 They were still discussing this with Haman when the king’s eunuchs arrived and swifted Haman away to Esther’s second banquet.
On the second day of the banquet of wine, King Ahasuerus asked Esther again what would she request of him. Queen Esther answered and said:
“If I have found favor in your sight, O king, and if it pleases the king, let my life be given me at my petition, and my people at my request. For we have been sold, my people and I, to be destroyed, to be killed, and to be annihilated. Had we been sold as male and female slaves, I would have held my tongue, although the enemy could never compensate for the king’s loss” (7:3-4).

✨✨✨Imagine how the king must have felt sitting with his beautiful wife who had prepared a sumptuous feast for him and his closest cohort. The ambiance had shifted from one of ease and congeniality to somber and tension. The queen had gone from serving him to practically begging for her life and her people’s lives to be spared. ✨✨✨

The king was in an uproar and demanded to know the identity and whereabouts of the man who had DARED to think of doing such a thing in his heart! He loved Esther and this was not something he would stand for or allow to happen.

” And Esther said, ” The adversary and enemy is this wicked Haman!” So Haman was terrified…the king arose in his wrath and went into the palace garden…Haman stood before Queen Esther, pleading for his life…When the king returned…Haman had fallen across the couch where Esther was.” (7:7-8)

The king returned and this sight greeted his eyes. He accused Haman of trying to assault the queen even while he was still in his own house! Even as this scene was being assessed by the king, they had Haman’s head covered. The king’s eunuch Harbonah pointed out:

 “Look! The gallows, fifty cubits high, which Haman made for Mordecai, who spoke good on the king’s behalf, is standing at the house of Haman” (7:9).

The king orders that Haman be promptly hung on the very same gallows he had built for Mordecai. Wow!!!! 

On that same day that Haman was hung on his gallows, King Ahasuerus awarded Queen Esther with Haman’s estate. Esther disclosed to the king that Mordecai was her relative and the king gifted him with his signet ring he’d taken back from Haman. Esther also turned around and gifted Haman’s estate to Mordecai. 

Esther “implored with tears to counteract the evil of Haman the Agagite, ” and his scheme delineating the destruction of the Jews (8:3). King Ahasuerus extended his golden scepter yet again, and she arose to petition another decree be written to “revoke the letters devised by Haman” (8:5). She expressed her dual stake concern for the threat as being a Jew for she did not want to see harm come to her kinsmen. 

The king told Esther and Mordecai to write the decree on behalf of the Jews and to seal it with his signet ring so that “no one can revoke” (8:8). 

The king’s scribes were assembled to write the decree “according to all that Mordecai commanded” for the Jews, and every person in power and in their own languages–127 provinces altogether. In addition, letters were sealed and sent “by couriers on horseback riding on royal horses bred from swift steeds”. The letters gave the Jews permission to “gather together and protect their lives” by any meams necessary, from anyone who attacked them (8:9,10,11). The couriers were “hastened” by the king and the decree was issued in Shushan the citadel” (8:14).
✨✨✨I envision Mordecai walking out onto a balcony that overlooks the palace. He wore his royal robe of blue and white with a golden crown, as well as, a garment of fine linen and purple to greet the Jewish people’s cheers and celebration at the palace and in the streets below. ✨✨✨

And in every province and city, wherever the king’s command and decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a holiday” (8:17).

“On the day that the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, the opposite occurred in that the Jews themselves overpowered those who hated them” (9:1). The Jews went after everyone who sought their death and destroyed them all. They were helped by the king’s officials, satraps, governor, and all who were his allies. Mordecai became famous throughout the kingdom.

Furthermore, in Shushan, the Jews had killed 500 men, including Haman’s ten sons. When the casualties were reported to King Ahasuerus, he only wanted to know what further casualties had been accomplished in the other provinces and whether Queen Esther had any further requests to make. Esther requested an additional day to complete the onslaught against the Jews’ enemies and that “Haman’s ten sons be hanged on the gallows” in spite of the fact that they were already dead (9:14)! Queen Esther wasn’t playing!!!

The king issued the decree to hang them and permitted an additional day of war against the Jews’ enemies, resulting in 75,000 more enemy casualties! 
To celebrate their victory over their enemies, Mordecai established the feast of Purim–to be celebrated “yearly the 14th amd 15th days of the month Adar” (9:21). 

It was named Purim because Haman had cast Pur (the lot) to annihilate the Jews. Purim was established to be observed from generation to generation as a remembrance of how the Jews were saved from death by Queen Esther’s courageous plea to King Ahasuerus. Queen Esther wrote with her own authority to back up Mordecai’s letters about Purim.
So the decree of Esther confirmed these matters of Purim, and it was written in the book” (9:32). 

Fun Facts About Purim:

🔹The megillah (book of Esther) is read.

🔹Money gifts are given to the poor.

🔹Gifts of food are sent to friends.
🔹A festive Purim feast is held, and children dress up in costumes.
The image below is of an ornately embellished cover for Esther’s Scroll. 

Esther was not only a gracious wife and the queen of Persia but also a hero–a woman of valor! Through her courage, we witness the turnarounds and reversals that happened by the grace of God:

🔹Weeping was reversed to Joy!

🔹Fasting was reversed to Feasting and Celebration!

🔹Day of Destruction for Jews was reversed to Day of Redemption and a Holiday, which is Purim!

Dear women of God

Thank you for sticking with this study. This final lesson covered an extensive amount of material and I did not want to breeze through it because it is all important. God reveals so much in each verse amd not necessarily in an instant when we read it but definitely when we need the understanding. I named this study “The Esther Study~ Becoming Women of Godly Purpose, but it wasn’t until I was practically finished writing out this final lesson that God gave me confirmation and also a revelation. He confirmed that He called me to prepare this study for ther women, and He led me to read an article of the purpose of a Bible study. It made me leap inside for joy and also was a steadying hand from the Lord. As I’ve written out each lesson, I’ve been excited to find fresh new revelations that we can apply to our lives; but at the same time, I’ve been careful to keep it true to the context of how the account is intended in the Bible. The article I read confirmed that God was delighted in my excitement to pore through the verses looking for meaning but His hand steadied me with this: 

When we read and study God’s Word, it is often comforting for us to see ourselves and our lives when we read the verses and look back into the lives of those recorded in His Word. We tend to want to personalize and make it about us; but we have to keep in mind that it is written so that we can see God and know who He is through what we read. We can certainly apply His Word to our situations, but we must be especially careful to recognize and maintain the integrity of the context and purpose for which it was written. So by no means am I trying to take the book of Esther and turn it into a guide for being a Proverbs 31 wife 😊 We can learn a lot from Esther and her account but if we are desiring to become women of godly purpose, we have to behold the Word of God in all its sacredness so that we behold His will, His character, and His love for us. The article from Reviving Ministries says, “We become what we behold.” 

2 Corinthians 3:18 “But we all, with unveiled faces, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.”


These past few weeks, we have beheld Esther’s life and also beheld how God shut down the enemy and redeemed her and the Jews. Esther’s Jewish name Hadassah indicates righteousness and her and her people’s deliverance from the evil work of Haman brings to mind Isaiah 54:14-17. We can trust God with our marriages and families–all that concerns us. God is faithful and always right on time to deliver us from our troubles. If we experience pressing difficulties, He makes a way out so we are not destroyed. Just as Esther and Mordecai had their decrees written and sealed with the king’s signet ring, God’s Word is written and cannot be revoked. We are sealed with His Holy Spirit and the Blood of Jesus. Esther teaches us to have courage in the face of adversity. Her story is beautiful and multi-faceted like a gemstone. If there is anything I have drawn from her courage– “If I perish, I perish”– is that Esther was not afraid to risk her life on account of doing what was right. 

Matthew 16:25, AMPC~

“For whoever is bent on saving his [temporal] life [his comfort and security here] shall lose it [eternal life]; and whoever loses his life [his comfort and security here] for My sake shall find it [life everlasting].”
This leads me to our final Reflection Questions:

🔹Did this study on Esther prompt you to consider your relationship with Jesus?

🔹 Does this study encourage you to boldly approach God’s throne with prayer and supplication?

🔹Do you feel empowered with authority in Christ to stand for your marriage, your family, and all God has promised you?

If you answered “No” to any of those questions, please feel free to email me at I’ll be more than happy to help you any way I can.

Lord God, thank You for Your Word and thank You for sending the women my way to share in this study. I pray You will give us wisdom and understanding to walk out our purpose as wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. Thank You for never leaving us and for helping us to become women of purpose who wait on You and trust You in all things no matter what. We thank you and I ask that You turn for our good anything that the enemy plots against us. Whatever adversary we face in our lives, expose it and reverse it to work in our favor. Thank You Jesus for saving us!!!!!! Lord, be our strength and give us courage to carry out Your will. The weapons that form against us are lying tongues such as Haman’s in Esther. Lord, let your will be done and vindicate us when we are under attack or in the enemy’s crosshairs, just as it is written in

Isaiah 54:14-17, NKJV~

In righteousness you shall be established; You shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear;And from terror, for it shall not come near you. 15 Indeed they shall surely assemble, but not because of Me.Whoever assembles against you shall fall for your sake. 16 “Behold, I have created the blacksmith Who blows the coals in the fire, Who brings forth an instrument for his work; And I have created the spoiler to destroy. 17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the Lord.”

In Jesus’ name we pray to have humble, servant hearts who give You all the glory, honor, and praise. Thank You for giving us a glimpse into Who You are–our Savior– as we have glimpsed into the life of Esther. Amen!

May God bless you all, and I pray this study reminds you that God is with you and His purpose for your life is bigger than any enemy plot. The plan to kill, steal, and destroy your marriage is overturned in Jesus’ name! Stand up for your marriage. Just as the enemy’s plot against Mordecai was truly about wiping out all Jews, the enemy’s plot against your marriage is about destroying your purpose–the destiny God has placed for your marriage to bring Him glory. Continue to trust God and have faith that God will reverse the enemy’s decrees against you! Perhaps you were born for such a time as this–to stand and fight for your marriage. God has a kingdom mandate upon your covenant marriage! Trust Him to turn your mourning to rejoicing and the plots against you into a platform that brings you to victory! 

Romans 8:28 💝

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💁🏽All Scriptures are NKJV unless otherwise noted*
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