January 2-Daily Marriage Affirmation 

January 2, 2017~ God has allowed us to be tested so that we will KNOW what WARFARE looks like and NOT BE INTIMIDATED OR MOVED by it OR THE ENEMY. God has allowed us to stand in the midst of ALL-OUT warfare –chaos and skirmishes born of the enemy, sin, bad judgment, life; and He has allowed it to TEST US so that we can KNOW OUR GOD and know that He is with us. He is in control! 2016, I, along with many of you, experienced such testing to a degree and intensity as NEVER BEFORE EXPERIENCED! This was all a part of GOD’S plan SO THAT WE WILL KNOW HIM, HIS heart, character, great LOVE, MIGHTY COVERING OF PROTECTION, GRACE, AND MERCY IN NEW WAYS we never knew before!!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!! Out of the trenches of WARFARE has come WISDOM and skill in how to put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD!!!!! HALLELUJAH THANK YOU JEHOVAH FOR YOUR WORD!!!!! Thank You JESUS for being the ROCK UPON WHICH WE STAND. AMEN 🙏🏽

©01/02/17. Cassandra’s Marriage Mints. All rights reserved.

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