Ministry Campaign

​I’m Cassandra, ministry owner of Cassandra’s Marriage Mints, and I’m creating this campaign to ask for donations to help make my online ministry a ministry that brings me and wives face-to-face from city to city! I’ve prayed about it, thought about it, and the leading from the Holy Spirit I’ve gotten is that I cannot be too proud to ask for help. Those who ask not, receive nothing!  This campaign is the platform that allows me to put my desire out here and knock for help. 

I want to really go all out for God in my marriage ministry, so I ask only that you give as you are led to donate. If you are encouraged by my ministry and would like to see it grow, consider making a donation.

I’ve been on Facebook ministering and encouraging wives since 2012 via Cassandra’s Marriage and this blog! So many wonderful ministry experiences that have helped me in my marriage as I have encouraged others!

Throughout these years, I’ve used my own resources to provide free resources. The new thing I want to do is to actually be able to plan a ministry tour called “Wives on the WarPath™ “. Funds will contribute towards my travel costs, catering for the event attendees, and ministry printed materials for wives who attend the tour events. Additionally, funds will enable me to enhance general ministry as I relaunch Cassandra’s Marriage Mints BlogTalk Radio station, Warrior Wives App, Professional Online Simulcast Conferences/Workshops, and establish printing for newsletters and booklets for mailing to ministry members.  

Every wife experiences spiritual warfare in her marriage, and it can be quite a lonely, isolating experience. Every woman of God is in the same tribe within God’s kingdom. In my “Wives on the WarPath™” tour, I would like to meet with wives to hold prayer, offer strategies to improve how they fight against the real enemy of our marriages–the devil; and, of course, I want us to have fun and fellowship with each other! 

We will learn together with Bible study, share testimonies, eat, mingle with each other, and most importantly pray together as a tribe of wives on the warpath! I will use the Wives on the WarPath™ tour to personally teach wives how to take authority and demonstrate how we can boldly walk in our warpaths with the knowledge that God can take our trials and tribulations and translate them into purpose for our journeys (Romans 8:28).

I’m believing for a move of God that will make my “Wives on the WarPath™ ” tour a huge success!!!

Thank you and may God bless you!!!! CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO DONATE:


Please let me know what you think about this :)

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