Sometimes God Saves the Best for Last

I’m going to use this photo to encourage not the singles but those of you who are married using my testimony along with it. Your spouse may not have loved you as you have hoped for or deserved. Be patient, endure because sometimes the best comes last, not first. Remember when Jesus attended the wedding. I’m sure when they served their wine they thought they had the best wine flowing out to their guests. But they ran out! They got the BEST WINE when JESUS performed a miracle and made more wine!!! Then, they had the BEST WINE Last!!!! Go ahead and let that old love that old stuff you and your spouse have been serving each other run out. Let it run dry and ask JESUS to come in and supply some REAL LOVE. THE BEST LOVE! He can perform miracles in the hearts of you and your spouse!
Yesterday, my husband suggested during a drive with our children that we take turns telling each other what we love most about each other. When my husband got to me, he told me some wonderful things that he loves about me and has loved all the years we have been together (11 altogether; married 6 years). I was feeling adored and then he surprised me by saying “That’s why, if God makes things work out for me the way we need them to, I’m giving your mom the wedding she deserves so we can have all our friends and relatives attend.” 

I was in shock at the unexpected blessing because in the past I would mention renewing our vows and my husband didn’t know if he really wanted to. Yesterday he told our sons that there is no better wife for him and no woman would ever stand by him loving him in spite of his mistakes and bad decisions as I have. I said “You really want to renew your vows with me?” And he told me he does. After all of the turmoil, doubt, indifference, and trials, GOD CAN RESTORE. HALLELUJAH! I hope I encouraged some of you.  

Allow me to share with you a prayer I enjoyed writing some time ago and felt the love of Jesus as I wrote it. It’s called “From Water to Wine”:

Dear Lord,

I’m standing in the gap with the wives and husbands who are in need of Your miraculous touch and instructions in their marriages. Just as the guests ran out of wine at the wedding celebration, there are so many marriages in which the wives and husbands have run out of what is needed to bring You glory.

Lord, I’m coming to You as Mary did to intercede for those who are standing for their marriages–standing “on the brink of embarrassment”.

Lord, let them not be ashamed! Thank You Lord for touching my marriage and giving my husband and I Your transforming Holy Spirit and the instructions in Your Holy Word. You changed our marriage from water to the best wine! Lord, we thought we had the good wine, the right stuff until we ran out!!! Then, You showed us we would never have enough love, grace, forgiveness, passion, patience, compassion, commitment, long-suffering, peace, self-control. We would never have enough and never have the best without You Jesus!!!! 

Just as Mary invited Jesus and He was a guest at, YOU ARE WITH US and a welcome guest IN OUR MARRIAGES! YOU ARE WITH US IN OUR CIRCUMSTANCES. 

Thank You Lord that we have to carry out Your instructions before we can experience certain miracles. I ask that You will make it clear to wives and husbands what they already have at their disposal that can be used to bring them from a place where the love is depleted,  exhausted, bankrupt, drained to a place where their love overflows and is even more “exquisite” because of its source –because it comes from You!!!! 

Lord, Thank You for Your miraculous touch in our heart our marriages that will override our miscalculations so we can be blessed with Your best all to Your glory!!!! 

IN JESUS’ NAME, I THANK YOU FOR BRINGING MY MARRIAGE AND OTHERS’ COVENANT MARRIAGES FROM WATER TO WINE!!!! Thank You Lord that only the servants had witnessed the transformation of the water into the best, most exquisite wine that’s ever been tasted! 

Help us to have servant hearts and be willing to be obedient to follow Your perfect instructions. It may look like we are carrying out work that looks silly or fruitless, but let those who are watching our marriages–the celebrators as well as the naysayers–be amazed and confounded all to YOUR GLORY when the latter is greater than the former  (Haggai 2:9) and the MANIFEST MIRACLE PROVES THAT STANDING ON YOUR WORD IS NOT FRUITLESS but yields THE BEST FRUIT THE BEST WINE BECAUSE YOU LORD JESUS ARE THE TRUE VINE from whence it flows!!!! (John 15:1)!  




John 2:1-11, Voice:

Three days later, they all went to celebrate a wedding feast in Cana of Galilee. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was invited 2 together with Him and His disciples. 3 While they were celebrating, the wine ran out; and Jesus’ mother hurried over to her son.

Mary: The host stands on the brink of embarrassment; there are many guests, and there is no more wine.

Jesus: 4 Dear woman, is it our problem they miscalculated when buying wine and inviting guests? My time has not arrived.

5 But she turned to the servants.

Mary: Do whatever my son tells you.

6 In that area were six massive stone water pots that could each hold 20 to 30 gallons.They were typically used for Jewish purification rites. 7 Jesus’ instructions were clear:

Jesus: Fill each water pot with water until it’s ready to spill over the top; 8 then fill a cup, and deliver it to the headwaiter.

They did exactly as they were instructed. 9 After tasting the water that had become wine, the headwaiter couldn’t figure out where such wine came from (even though the servants knew), and he called over the bridegroom in amazement.

Headwaiter: 10 This wine is delectable. Why would you save the most exquisite fruit of the vine? A host would generally serve the good wine first and, when his inebriated guests don’t notice or care, he would serve the inferior wine. You have held back the best for last.

11 Jesus performed this miracle, the first of His signs, in Cana of Galilee. They did not know how this happened; but when the disciples and the servants witnessed this miracle, their faith blossomed.

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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