Are You an “Esther”?


Esther did not demand that her husband receive her into his presence. She did not stir up a dramatic scene. She sought God’s presence first with her fast before she sought her husband’s.

Do you seek God before you go to your husband concerning issues in your marriage?

Esther put on her royal robes to manifest in the natural what she was attaching her hope to in the spiritual realm. She was the embodiment of 1 Peter 3:1-2 in that she hoped to remind her husband of his royal duty and responsibility to her as her husband without her having to say a word. Without a word, with her chaste conduct, she wanted to remind her king that she was his queen and worthy of being called. Esther did not attempt to barge her way into King Ahasuerus’ presence by entering his house. She simply positioned herself where she was in his sight, and once he laid eyes on his gracious, beautiful wife, he did not hesitate to hold out his golden sceptor to her. When she touched the top of the sceptor, she was affirming her husband’s authority and demonstrating reverence for him.
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4 thoughts on “Are You an “Esther”?

  1. Gods Glory says:

    I wish I had seen this before I started a women’s bible study in my home. We are studying the book of Esther, the Lord placed it on my heart to start a women’s bible study. So far its been great but we only go to the first chapter and the first verse. Our theme is ” For such a time as this” I have asked each lady what did they feel were created to do in this season of their lives. It’s been interesting and you are inspiring I wish I found your blog months ago, but everything takes place in his timing.

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