JESUS puts everything into perspective. The Cross puts us into perspective. You may not be a thief, but you are a sinner. Let’s consider that the spouse who is standing for their marriage is Thief 1. Thief 1 died to sin with unforgiveness in his heart. Jesus was RIGHT THERE IN HIS MIDST. Jesus is in your midst. He just refused to repent of his sins. Let’s imagine Thief 2 is the prodigal spouse who realizes the truth of who Jesus is and he lines up his identity in Christ with repentance. Now do you still refuse to hold on to resentment and unforgiveness for your spouse? You have to forgive to be forgiven. Let Jesus be at the center of your marriage. Let forgiveness flow and reconciliation come to pass. After Jesus promised Thief 2 he’d be with Him in paradise, he was still hanging on the cross. You have a promise on your marriage because it is a covenant with God, so don’t be discouraged if you’re still hanging from trials as if you’re on a cross. Don’t let your words, heart, and actions line up with the scoffers and unbelievers who question the power of Jesus to save your marriage! Forgive and ask forgiveness of your sins. Truly, we want to see our spouses in paradise with Jesus! ❤
Luke 23:37-43, VOICE ~
“Soldiers: 37 Hey, if You’re the King of the Jews, why don’t You free Yourself!

38 Even the inscription they placed over Him was intended to mock Him—“This is the King of the Jews!” [This was written in Greek, Latin, and Hebrew.][c]

39 One of the criminals joined in the cruel talk.

Cynical Criminal: You’re supposed to be the Anointed One, right? Well—do it! Rescue Yourself and us!

40 But the other criminal told him to be quiet.

Believing Criminal: Don’t you have any fear of God at all? You’re getting the same death sentence He is! 41 We’re getting what we deserve since we’ve committed crimes, but this man hasn’t done anything wrong at all! 42 (turning to Jesus) Jesus, when You come into Your kingdom, please remember me.

Jesus: 43 I promise you that this very day you will be with Me in paradise.”
Copyrighted. 2016. Cassandra Salamone. All rights reserved.

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