Desert Season


All this time, I’ve felt like the backbone– the one who reminded about prayer, reading the Word, and walking by faith. I’ve been walking through a desert season for a long time. Not because of adultery. No. God said Not again. This desert season has been because of complicated circumstances affecting my husband, whose reach extended to me naturally. I have been quite isolated in this season and it has taught me to rely on God rather than people. There are a few sisters in Christ God blessed me to meet on Facebook who have reached out to me and lifted me in prayer. They were like ravens sent to feed me when I trusted no one in my actual day-to-day life. I do my best to be as transparent as I can without using my ministry as a platform to vent or air out dirty laundry. I felt led tonight to share because God still performs miracles and it blesses others when we can share our testimonies of how God is working in our marriages. He shows up when our faith turns to sands we can’t seem to grasp. The whirlwinds of circumstances blow the grains and we gather them back up only to question whether we had ever truly grasped them or was it all a mirage. Faith slipping through my fingers. Just as I became unhinged…. “Father, help my unbelief…”,
My husband stopped trying to get through to me and said it’s time for us to pray right now. God showed up to help me with my unbelief using the exact person I expressed my unbelief toward  by how I had been pulling away from him. The area of unbelief was my husband. I had pulled back and disconnected from him. The absence or withholding of love is the foothold of the enemy. It is the soil of unbelief when we cannot love or identify love that is clearly pouring forth. Like dying of thirst in a desert that really isn’t a desert because the water is being held out in the hands of my husband. Unbelief will kill your faith. God heard my cry my prayer to not allow me to be crazed by unbelief because the Holy Spirit will let you see the truth outside of what you can see and feel in the natural. I could see the grandiose, ugly error of how the enemy has been toying with me through my unbelief. But God! He heard my prayer that was unspoken but my soul’s cry. My husband’s prayer confirmed what the Holy Spirit had shown me. He said “Help me help my wife because somehow she has come undone unplugged. Help me fix my wife from everything I have done to cause her pain and what is trying to confuse her now….” God answered my prayer. No way my husband knew I was literally falling apart inside. I had no words to explain to him. But I thank God for performing a miracle and helping my unbelief so I can see and drink in the love my husband has for me. I may be in the desert, but I realize how important it is to surrender any unbelief to the Lord and speak God’s Word over that area continually. I encourage you to trust God in whatever season you are in to be your Provider. He has been the Sustainer of my faith when I was certain it was depleted. May God bless you.
Copyrighted. No reproduction. 2016. Cassandra Salamone.

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