Letting God


How do you know when you’ve truly surrendered? When you’ve let go and let God? It seems so cliché like a trendy thing to say or like what “Christianese” sounds like to unbelievers when you just can’t seem to GRASP the concept of letting go. I know. It’s strange to think of grasping when you want to think of just having the ability the supernatural grace to just surrender that prodigal spouse, that nagging marital concern, that circumstance that keeps bugging you and won’t let you sleep at night or have rest in your thoughts when you’re alone and it’s quiet. Can you handle knowing that if you let go, you’re just releasing it all into the mighty and capable, faithful hands of God because He has His hands around you. He is in control but He’s waiting for you to trust Him so He can do His work without your worrying and striving to do in your own power getting in His way. You’ve got to just exhale and let it all go. Acknowledge God and that you can’t do it. You need His help and you are going to trust Him with this burden. You know when you’ve surrendered when you don’t get mad or disappointed anymore by the spouse who just won’t do right. You’re not numb. You just understand you’re doing your part by praying and working on your own heart being right before God. You know He does His best work when we just focus on ourselves and don’t worry. To those who love God, He turns what was meant for evil for our good (Romans 8:28). Relax…..God knows what He is doing and knows every detail. Just pray and tell Him all about it. Don’t think it over in your mind. Focus on being at peace in His presence by seeking Him more in His Word. Focus more on who He is rather than the shortcomings of your spouse. Your marriage belongs to Him and He never meant for you to be the one who has to fix everything. You know you’ve surrendered when the enemy tries to send those same doubts and fears into your mind and all you can do is remember what God says in His Word and they fade away. By the grace of God, you know you’ve let go when you’re at peace with things exactly as they are because you know that in due season you shall reap your reward if you do not faint!!! (Galatians 6:9) Hallelujah!!!! Your prayers are not for nothing but count toward everything in addition to what God desires for you. I pray this encourages you. God has all the answers but it sure is helpful when we can share our testimonies 😊

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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