Prayer Points for Husbands


1. Her Identity in Christ~
Pray for your wife to put God first in her heart. Women are emotion-driven and feelings oriented beings. If your wife knows who she is in Christ Jesus, she will seek to be fulfilled and whole in Him. If she does not know her identity in Christ, she will be prone to make you her idol and desperately seek you to complete her in ways only Jesus can. If she kmows her worth in Jesus, she will not get lost trying to be beautiful as the world defines beauty but will cultivate a beauty prized by God–that of the inner gentle and quiet spirit (1Peter 3:3-4). Pray for her to know her purpose as a godly wife and to seek God’s help in loving you and submitting as unto the Lord, as your valued partner in life.
2. Her Livelihood~
Pray for your wife to have friendships, hobbies, interests, talents, and work that God will prosper to His glory. Pray that she will be a woman who is well-rounded and not only adept and capable as a homemaker but also in society as an example of a Proverbs 31 woman.
Pray for her livelihood–that she will not be a martyr and fail to develop and invest in her own mental and physical health and gifts. Her livelihood contributes to your livelihood and affects your children’s, as well.
3. Ask for Wisdom~
Ask God to give you wisdom in how to love your wife in ways that honor Him. Loving your wife is not all about romance but also in respecting her as your “helper suitable” (Genesis 2:18). Her input is valuable and her perspective is needed in your decision-making. May God give you the wisdom to understand how your wife is a blessing to your life at all times
4. Your Friendship/Intimate Life~
Pray that God will show you ways to enrich your friendship with your spouse through shared interests and in your daily interactions. Pray that God will help you to not take each other for granted. Pray that you will truly cherish each other and be interested in each other. Ask God to deepen your compassion for each other and to kindle the passion you have for one another so that your connection as friends and lovers is continually recharged by His love. May your intimacy deepen along with your prayer lives as one.
5. Her Friendships~
 Pray that your wife maintains friendships with other godly women who can keep her accountable and respect your marriage. Pray that her friends will pray with her and not lead her to gossip or negative, worldly counsel. Pray that she will have ladies in her life she can share her dreams with, laugh with, and who are worth her “rubbing shoulders with”/networking with to the glory of God.
6. Her Choices~
 Pray that the Lord will order your wife’s steps and that she will make choices that honor God. Pray that she will not act out of impulse, fear, anger or uncertainty but from God’s leadings. Pray that your wife will pray and consider you when weighing her decisions. Pray she will trust your leadership and heart to protect her from any harm or negative consequences should you disagree with her.
7. Her heart~
 Pray that God will keep your wife’s heart soft. Pray that God will fill her heart with His Spirit and complete her so that you can enjoy His fruit from her heart’s outpouring in your marriage: Love, Joy, Peace, Long-Suffering, Kindness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. (Galatians 5:22-23). Pray that her heart will be filled with loving-kindness and that she will speak and act from a place of love and not resentment. Pray that God will help her to have a heart that longs for Christ and not for the temporary of the world. A wife’s heart that is filled with Jesus will make no room for pride, contentions, greediness, or resentment. Only God can make her heart beautiful.
I pray these prayer points bless you! Incorporate them in your prayers.
Cassandra’s Marriage Mints. Copyrighted.

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