Time to Let Go and Let God!


Hope to see you join me in this new study “Joseph : Journey to Forgiveness” by Melissa Spoelstra!
Forgiveness is an important part of maturing as a believer of Christ and also releases us from bondage of bitterness and fear in our lives. It’s impossible to move forward in oir marriage journeys carrying bricks from our pasts. If we want new beginnings and restoration, we have to forgive and let God take care of the rest. Many are experiencing desert seasons and it’s a perfect time to reflect inward and allow God to work on our hearts to change us for the better. With a New Year ahead of us–weeks away–I think the best resolution we can all make is to forgive and stop allowing the hurts from the past to continue to hold on to us! We have to allow God to help us let go of the betrayals, losses, hurts, and residual pain and heartache!!! God wants tohelp us! He is faithful!!!
If you’re interested in taking part in this study, it’s simple and will prove to be healing for you. Join Periscope. Follow me @MarriageMints, and you’ll get a notification whenever I go on live video broadcasts to host the study. If you can’t make the study, Periscope has an awesome playback feature so you can view the broadcast at a later time! During the broadcasts, you and others can chat with me, and you can chat with each other on the broadcast! Awesome time of fellowship, prayer, and learning!
View the gif I put together for the study below:


I look forward to walking beside you on this journey to forgiveness in pur marriages!  May God bless you!
With loving service,
Cassandra 🙂

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