“Marriage is a Coat of Many Colors”


I pray everyone is having a blessed, blessed Sunday. I was reading a book of Bible stories to my daughter; and upon reading one, in particular, God’s Holy Spirit gave me a rhema word from Genesis 37. “Blood” was illuminated and just seemed to make my spirit leap inside as I read it. I am encouraged to share this rhema word with you today. Pray it blesses and strengthens you IN JESUS’ NAME!!!!
There’s someone whose marriage has been written off and spiritually ASSASINATED!!! Your marriage has been accosted and thrown into a pit to be sold into bondage!!! Someone is looking at their circumstances in their marriage and believing that the blood they see–the hurt, the pain, the betrayal, the losses, the misery–is an indication that their marriage IS DEAD!!!
I want someone to see that the blood of your circumstances, the blood that the enemy has smeared onto your marriage IS A LIE FROM THE PITS OF HELL. The enemy wants you to lay down and give up without a fight. He wants to give your marriage over to strongholds of sin and temptation to DEATH!
BUT GOD!!! Your marriage IS NOT DEAD. Your marriage is FAVORED BY GOD!!! Your spouse may be in bondage to: adultery; drug/alcohol addiction; gambling; mental bondage in the form of depression and anxiety etc. Whatever bondage it is, IT IS NOT GOING TO PUT TO DEATH THE DESTINY AND PURPOSE GOD HAS FOR YOUR MARRIAGE.
Joseph was his father’s favorite son. His father’s favor and Father God’s favor was upon his life!!!! No matter that his brothers turned on him, threw him into a pit and sold him to slavery. No matter that they put goat’s blood on the special coat of many colors that his father had made for him to portray that he was killed by a wild animal. No matter that they were able to get away with that lie for many years.
NO MATTER!!!!!!!!!!
PUT THE BRAKES ON GOD’S PURPOSE FOR JOSEPH’S LIFE! Joseph’s pit experience did not stop God from using him to save nations from perishing due to famine. God has a plan for your marriage too!!!! Stay encouraged!!!! Don’t speak death over your marriage! SPEAK LIFE!!!! REBUKE THE FALSE THE PLANTED BLOOD OF YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES–THE GOAT BLOOD!!!! The troubles you see in the natural AND PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER YOUR MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!! THE LAMB WHO WAS SLAIN but yet intercedes for you at the right hand of the Father– who FAVORS AND ESTEEMS YOUR MARRIAGE AS SPECIAL AND DEAR!!!!
Don’t trust the report of the enemy who is doing everything to make you believe that your marriage has been killed off. TRUST AND SPEAK ONLY THE WORD OF GOD OVER YOURSELF and know that your marriage is coming out of that pit into God’s plan–into the palace of God’s purpose that serves a grander, greater good to HIS GLORY!!!!! AMEN HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! GRAB HOLD OF IT AND RECEIVE IT IN JESUS’ NAME!!!! Amen. May God bless you!!!!!

” Now Israel loved Joseph more than any of his other children because he came along when he was an old man. So Israel presented Joseph with a special robe he had made for him—a spectacularly colorful robe with long sleeves in it. 4 But when his brothers saw that their father loved him more than the rest, they grew to hate him and couldn’tfind it in themselves to speak to him without resentment or argument.” ~Genesis 37:3-4 Voice.

“The brothers took Joseph’s fancy, colorful robe, slaughtered a male goat, and dipped it in the blood. Then they took the  robe to their father.” ~Genesis 37:31-32 Voice.
All rights reserved. Cassandra’s Marriage Mints. No reproduction beyond Facebook Share button. Copyrighted.

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