Warfare on the Emotional Battlefield


AMEN! God spoke to my heart and comforted my soul with His Words when my marriage was falling apart. He let me know I was not alone and because I had turned to Him instead of continuing to fight and strive in my own power, the battle for my marriage was already won. As soon as I turned to Him and began to ask Him to change my heart and forgive me for my sinful ways that contributed to the breakdown of my marriage, God was ready to take me in His arms and soothe my pain with great tenderness. If your husband has left you or is committing adultery, focus on the changes that need to happen inside you. Let God work on your husband’s heart as you build yourself up in His Word. He wants to restore to you your identity in Christ Jesus so you will have peace that surpasses understanding in the midst of your trials. For those who love God, He will turn what was meant for evil to your good (Romans 8:28). You may feel despair, but don’t wallow and lay in it. If you believe your marriage is restored by faith, get up now and rise from your cot of paralyzing despair. Get up on the inside and stop counting it to your soul the seemingly final, negative words and declarations against you and your marriage that your husband has made. Speak God’s Word aloud and believe it! For His Word is POWER, ALIVE, PENETRATING, YOUR WEAPON, YOUR COMFORT. It is the SWORD that severs the neck of the leviathan whose many heads are assigned to kill, steal, and destroy your faith, hope, peace, joy, and peace of mind. This overwhelming despair is a spiritual attack designed to take you out! Take authority IN JESUS’ NAME and know who you are in Christ.
“Because the One who made you will be your husband;
    the One called Commander ofheavenly armies
Will set you right again, the Holy One of Israel.
    It’s not for nothing that He is called “God of all the earth.”

6 For the Eternal has called you to come back home,
    like a young wife, once deserted and deeply injured.
Now God is pulling you close again. Like a spouse forgives,
    He will take you back and be reconciled.
The Eternal, your Redeemer, says this:

7 Eternal One: Yes, I was angry for a moment, and I rejected you,
        but My love endures, and I want you back.
8     For that moment, when I was so mad,
        I made it impossible for you to see Me, to find Me,
    But with great tenderness, I will take you back in love.”
Isaiah 54:5-8, Voice.
All rights reserved. Cassandra’s Marriage Mints. No reproduction in any other publications.

2 thoughts on “Warfare on the Emotional Battlefield

    • Cassandra says:

      Amen! Thank you Carrie!!! I trust God in what He has planned for my marriage, family, and ministry. Believing Romans 8:28! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Hope you have a wonderful day! 🍁


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