Sharing video Your Birthing Pains

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Are you ready to get out of the labor room? Before the blessing is delivered, you have to submit yourself to Jesus. As a mother laboring has to submit herself to the midwife to the nurse, you have to submit yourself to the care and instruction of Jesus before your storm waters break and you get that breakthrough you need to move the delivery of your restoration along! Jesus is your OBGYN.
O stands for- OBEDIENCE. You must submit amd follow His Word.
B stands for- BELIEVE. You must believe in Him.
G stands for- GRACE. You must accept that God’s grace is sufficient and the way He has poured it out upon you, you must receive t and also give it to your prodigal spouse.
Y stands for- You cannot do this on your own. You need God’s help!
N stands for- Never doubt what God has told you in His Word or by confirmation of His Holy Spirit.
Watch the videogram for more!

Cassandra Salamone. All rights reserved. Cassandra’s Marriage Mints.

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