The Report of the Lord


God’s eyes search to and fro searching for hearts who believe in Him!!!! This is the report I receive for my marriage and believe for yours today!!! The building, rebuilding, or restoration of your marriage will be completed!!! Your strength, willpower  WILL NOT BE ENOUGH to do, but GOD OS ENOUGH! It shall be done by the power of God’s Holy Spirit and every mountain that stands in the way will be leveled out all to HIS GLORY! Everyone is going to see that JESUS IS THE Stone that centers your marriage amd they will bless His Holy name!!!!! DO YOU RECEIVE IT? IF YOU DO SAY AMEN OR COMMENT WHAT YOU ARE BELIEVING FOR GOD TO DO AND I WILL STAND IN AGREEMENT WITH YOU!
“Heavenly Messenger (changing the subject): 6 The Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies, has said this to Zerubbabel: “Your strength and prowess will not be enough to finish My temple, but My Spirit will be.” And He says this to those thwarting Zerubbabel’s efforts: 7 “Who are you, O mighty mountain of opposition? Before Zerubbabel, you will become nothing more than a smooth plain, and he will quarry the capstone and bring it out to the sound of people shouting, ‘God, grant it Your grace! God bless it!’”

8 The word of the Eternal came to me again to reiterate what was just reported.

Heavenly Messenger: 9 Zerubbabel’s very own hands have laid the foundation of this new temple, and his hands will complete it. When he does, it will be clear to you that the Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies, has sent me to you. 10 Now all who have frowned on the day when only slight progress was made to reconstruct the temple will celebrate when they see the stone that centers the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel, who will survey Jerusalem.

(finally answering his earlier question) The seven lamps on top of the lampstand are the eyes of the Eternal One, diligently searching the earth.”
–Zechariah 4, Voice.

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