Spiritual Wars


Some days are spent battling. Praying and calling things that are not as if they are by faith. Sometimes God will allow the enemy to test us. He doesn’t leave us at his mercy but lets him sift us to test our faith. One night about a week ago there was a terrible thunderstorm that seemed to manifest out of nowhere after midnight . I was the only one awake in my house and was up busy doing ministry work. The thunder and lightning seemed to be right outside my bedroom windows. It went from being a distant sounding storm to me looking out to see shadows as my blinds lit up in the dark. I felt gripped by panic and it was so sudden, I knew it was a spiritual thing rather than some issue with my body or physical health. My bedroom light which is controlled by a dial and was dimmed then turned off completely. The only way to turn it off is by pushing it like a button or by turning the dial. The power did not get knocked off. The thunder seemed to get louder and louder as if the storm was encircling and surrounding the house. I felt a strong sense of panic but I thought to myself, “The Holy Spirit lives within me. This storm is like all of life’s problems.” And I heard this question in my heart  “Will you remain in fear?”  I said Greater is He who lives within me than the devil and demons in the world!!!”
I began to say the name of JESUS and rebuked the spirit of fear and declared my household is covered by the Blood of Jesus and that it must flee never to return again. I began to speak in tongues and as my rhythm and intensity increased, the thunder outside seemed to rumble increasingly and louder, and then it just stopped suddenly altogether .  No more thunder. No more lightning.
There was a strong sense of calm in the air as it iswhen a war has ended. I knew that my guardian angel(s) had protected me from something evil. The spirit of fear was defeated. I feel it was a test and there was definitely a spiritual battle wrapped in that storm. I know angels were warring on my behalf. I believe that if I had not acted on my faith, something worse than the light shutting off might have happened.  What God taught me is that He fights for us. He gets the victory but we have to do our parts! We have to fight the good fight of faith and KNOW that we know because God KNOWS that the battle is already won! We just have to exercise our faith and trust Him! AMEN HALLELUJAH!!!! Thank You Jesus 💕

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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