On Being A Submitted Wife


I am a submitted wife. I am submitted first to God and then to my husband. Does that make me a doormat? No! Doormats are purposed to be stepped on. Doormats cannot speak. Doormats cannot pray and stand in the gap. I am not a doormat; I AM my husband’s helpmate–his helpmeet– and I am purposed to be his co-heir in Christ Jesus–every bit his equal. Yet, I acknowledge his God-ordained right to lead me. I appreciate that my husband is the stronger vessel. He was built to carry the load of being the spiritual leader–the head of our household. As his helper, I am by his side and willing to stand behind him because he will go before me to protect me. As his helper, I am by his side and the doormat is under our feet. I am his “rose of Sharon” –his safe place from the world, but I have no problem standing up for my marriage especially  when the going gets tough! I am a submitted wife and a prayer warrior everyday! I am studying the plank coming out of my own eye before I say anything to God about the speck I see in my husband’s eye. I’m not the doormat to remove the soil the sin from my husband’s feet because his walk with God has to do with his heart. Only God can see and understand his walk so I submit so I can walk by his side as his partner for life–his wife. ©Cassandra Salamone. All rights reserved.

Please let me know what you think about this :)

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