Proverbs 31 Study


Many of you ladies may ask yourselves “Where is the men’s version of Proverbs 31?” You may feel it is unfair that it seems we are the agents of change. The following are my thoughts about this:
It is not fair, but sometimes what doesn’t seem fair is an opportunity loaded with blessings because God uses those moments and seasons of our lives to use us to draw our husbands to Him. Proverbs 31 example of a godly wife is a gem of an example–a spectacular, exquisite example of a woman who is a godly wife and mother. I believe God uses this gem to lure us in. He knows how we love to follow a recipe–instructions to showcase something wonderful to those we love. He knows we are investigators and will search for examples. I have searched in the past for examples like Proverbs 31 for my husband to read and failed. But GOD did grow me beyond feeling it was unfair that I would have to make all the changes and be the only one who seemed to care about our marriage. He moved me from feeling it was an injustice to recognizing it is a BLESSING ! Because He is able to use ME to draw my husband into Him. God wants to do something beautiful in all of us wives. He wants to showcase Himself in us to our husbands. We can win them over without words but by our lives lived obediently. We can show them the heart of Christ through demonstrations of our hearts. I believe most men are hands on when it comes to learning. They need to do and experience things and engage their senses. I know my husband does not want to dig and investigate for a recipe or instructions lol! He just wants to jump in but it has to be what he desires to do. God uses us to shine His light in to catch our husbands’ eyes and pique their interests so that He can draw them to Him and get to molding and working His hands on them and in their hearts. So I have stopped looking for the men’s version of Proverbs 31 and accepted that God wants to use me as His secret ingredient to draw my husband to Him because JESUS is his and your husbands’ examples. When our husbands are following after Him then the sanctifying really gets going in US, AS WELL, AS OUR HUSBANDS! Mutual sanctification!  HALLELUJAH!
“Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives,”
–1 Peter 3:1
©Cassandra Salamone
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