Marriage Tides (Prayer)


” To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”
~ Ecclesisastes 3: 1, KJV. See entire chapter. ~
Notice how some areas at the beach are inaccessible during certain times of the day. Maybe a rock you enjoyed sitting on at sunrise is submerged by the afternoon’s tides. We observe seasons in our marriages in this way also. We cannot control the tides. We can only observe and respect what those tides mean.
If we do not respect the tides, we miss out on what they bring to the shores of our marriage and how they shape our lives. Nothing stays the same. There will be high points and low points in marriage. There will be times when our sand banks will be dry and baked from the sun, and there will be seasons when our shores will not be visible due to the swollen waters of increase.
During the low tides, do you take that time to walk the shore and collect shells? Literally speaking, during low tides in your marriage, take that time to gather and learn. Take that time to take long “strolls” with the Lord and let Him work on your heart. Meditate on His Word. During the high tides, when the waters come rushing in, that may be a season when you have to take action upon something the Lord has shown you.
Another perspective is that perhaps it is a time when you climb to higher ground and simply observe what God does as His promises manifest in your life. When the tides come in, when the situations roll in day after day, observe and reflect on them. Did your tides deposit something or remove some things?
See it all as a part of the beautiful pattern of life, which is ever-flowing. My Pastor made a statement during Sunday service, and I believe the Lord meant for me to hear it because it goes perfectly with this day’s topic, which I was proofreading at the time.
He said, “The ocean waves may come in, but God is the one who controls the tides!”
~ Prayer ~
Dear Lord,
we give thanks for each season of our lives. Your Word says that everything has a season and that there is a time for every purpose. Help us to observe and understand the seasons our marriage is in. Help us to observe them and be able to discern whether we need to move to higher ground or “Be still” and stay where we are. Lord, we thank You that we can learn from even what is beyond our control because You are always in control! Give us wisdom to understand Your purposes. In Jesus’ name, Amen!
©”From Fear to Faith.” Cassandra Salamone. All rights reserved. No reproduction.

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