Take the Plunge (w/Prayer*)


When the going gets tough in a marriage, husbands and wives have to take the plunge together and dive for their promises, despite how impossible and unrecoverable their situation appears to be! In the event that your spouse is working against you in sin, you must be determined to take the plunge on your own with Jesus by your side, of course.
God’s promises for your marriage are like pearls. They are precious, and it is easy to take them for granted– thinking only of that finished product of beauty. When God’s promises are fulfilled,
we delight in their beauty. We delight in our prize, but we have to understand that any pearl of value comes at a great price! When an oyster produces a pearl, it is a miraculous thing and it takes work! Oysters produce pearls as a result of an attack outside their shells or because their mantle tissue is irritated. The oyster makes a pearl sac to seal it and prevent further irritation. We can enjoy a natural pearl’s beauty because someone dived into the sea to gather up that oyster that contained that precious pearl. That oyster had to go through a lot of stuff in order to create that prized pearl!
Sometimes we have to go through some things that are hard and irritating to force us to dive in with faith. It’s rewarding when we come back up for air with a pearl in our hands. When troubles come, don’t despair. Dive in to God’s Word and pray.
~~ Prayer ~~
Thank You, Lord God, that like your creations, the oysters, we too can yield a treasure from our trials. The things that bother us, the attacks on our marriages, the hurts we have endured–You can create beauty from all of those issues. Lord, we often want to just hold the promise in our hands immediately. We want the pearl, not the slimy oyster. We want the promise, not the problems. Lord, help us to not be impatient. Help us to appreciate everything that goes into the manifestation of Your promises in our lives. Give us courage to dive in with faith and believe in You. Your promises are always true! We thank you and love You Lord! Seal off the destructive influences that try to enter and destroy our marriages. Turn it all for our good. In Jesus’ name, Amen!
©”From Fear to Faith”. Cassandra Salamone. All rights reserved. No reproduction.

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