If you’re experiencing a winter season in your marriage where your spouse is committing adultery as an example, you may want to take precautions to protect yourself. Prepare for a spiritual hibernation to protect yourself and wait it out. 1) Just as bears will eat more and fill themselves up so they build up an added layer of fat for insulation, you need to eat more of God’s Word and fill up on God’s promises so you build up insulation against the attacks from the enemy that will come through your spouse and discouraging events designed to starve you of your hope and make life seem unbearable. Build up your spiritual defenses with prayer and thicken your skin so you understand not to take every cold thing your spouse says or does to heart. They need prayer because they know not what they do as they are breaking God’s covenant and grieving Him. 2) Come in from the cold of the opinions of ungodly or unsupportive people. Retreat into your cave. Pull back and retreat into a spiritual cave so you am focus on resting in the Lord. Don’t get busy entangling yourself into any new amorous relationships out of spite or to fill the void left by your spouse as they are cheating. Run off those scavengers who might try to come into your space and rouse you from being at rest in solitude with God. Use this time to build or strengthen your relationship with God. Pull back from other people who may be trying to discourage you or deflate your hope. It may be wise to disconnect in order to have quiet time so you can hear from God regarding your marriage. 3) Trust God that this season in your marriage shall pass. In time, you will hear love chirping again. You will feel the warmth of your beloved’s embrace and you’ll be able to begin replanting in the garden of your marriage again together. Be of good cheer in your season!
Cassandra Salamone
All rights reserved 2015.

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