Lies Destroy Your Foundation of Trust


Lies are like mold, and trying to rebuild your marriage on a foundation of lies and lack of integrity or past deceit is like laying down new tile atop moldy wooden floors. Lies destroy a marriage’s foundation of trust because just like mold, if the lies are not dismantled or treated (addressed) immediately, the one who has been betrayed will generally not trust their spouse from that point on. If they are not addressed and cleared up each time the mold resurfaces or questions arise, the foundation of trust will crumble to pieces. Lies and past deceit have to be eliminated!  Integrity must be reestablished as your foundation with solid reassurances and new behaviors to support your reassurances before you can proceed in renovating your marriage or it will rot from the foundation~ inside-out ~ due to lack of trust! Then, you will have to strip off the new tile to go back and address those old floors underneath. In these extreme cases, the unsalvageable floor has to destroyed and a new floor has to be built in its place. That means, the spouse who created the doubt, the mold, must replace the conduct that is impeding the progression of their marriage restoration and install new, Spirit-led behaviors for a sound, secure foundation of trust!  Better to take care of trust issues immediately so you don’t have to keep going back and addressing the old stuff that’s hidden and simply covered up. Amen!
~Cassandra ♡
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2 thoughts on “Lies Destroy Your Foundation of Trust

  1. Jason@SongSix3 says:

    In the earlier days of our marriage, my wife and I lied to each other quite a bit. And it all came to a head, very nearly destroying us. It was then that we decided to let Jesus have all of it, to come clean with each other, and to walk in truth going forward. We will celebrate 27 years of marriage just a few short weeks from now – and we are in what I will confidently call an AWESOME place in our marriage today. We are best friends. It comes from being truthful. Lies will kill a marriage quicker than just about anything. Take it from one who is experienced… it’s not worth the damage you’ll do.


    • Cassandra says:

      Praise God!!! And an early Happy Blessed Anniversary to and your lovely wife!!! Thank you for sharing that! Praise God that you are experiencing His goodness while in the land of the living in your marriage ^_^ I believe you–that it’s not worth it. The hurt and damage lies cause go on beyond the moment they’re created. When people will put Jesus in all they do and say and consider Him, they will walk in truth and love. Amen on the truthfulness too!!


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