No Longer Bound


“#1 thing I have learned is I can trust God! #2 A wedding band or ring doesn’t make a marriage.  Commitment does!  #3 I can choose to live by how my husband used to be and what he used to do. Or I can choose to trust God and look at the new things God is working in my husband’s heart in spite of familiar situations. So today, I surrender and stop holding on to all of the “used to’s” and I embrace change. I welcome this new man who’s coming forth and overturning all of my assumptions. I take the thoughts captive that used to explain and make sense of the negativity and the adultery and I lay them at the foot of the cross. They have been holding me captive for long enough! I will no longer look for the living new man amongst the dead memories and mistakes of the past. I no longer give the past authority because I see that my husband is doing his best and has reassured me every step of the way that he is no longer a man of the streets but instead a family man. I finally see a man who wants to be my husband and do right. Today~ from now on, I’m choosing to trust God has this worked out.”~Cassandra♡
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