Marriage Mints Cup of Comfort~Wives Café


Good Morning! I’m extending an invitation to wives to join my Facebook group named Marriage Mints Cup of Comfort~Wives Café. It’s a private group that you can request to be added to for a daily Scripture, uplifting quote, inspiring message, as well as, counsel and prayer. P Only members who are added to the group will be able to see each other’s posts so that privacy is maintained.
Marriage Mints Cup of Comfort~Wives Café is a warm, positive place where we can relax, share concerns, and be prayed for; or you can make a quick stop to grab the daily verse to be energized.  It’s like a cup of comfort! Look forward to seeing you there! God bless♥
To go directly to the group where you can ask to join, click Here~~>> Marriage Mints Cup of Comfort~Wives Café

2 thoughts on “Marriage Mints Cup of Comfort~Wives Café

    • Cassandra says:

      Alice, you can search for it by name on Facebook using the search tool and request to join. I believe I can only add people if they’re friends in my personal FB account. Give it a try and let me know if you need any addt’l help 🙂


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