What Kind of Wife Legacy Are You Building?


Life as a wife–the wife life–can be both a joyful and challenging role. It’s not easy to balance putting our husbands first, homemaking, careers, and rearing children– tending to all of these responsibilities–while remaining centered spiritually. If we don’t keep God first in our lives, all of our other priorities can all seem to be a shaky, juggling act that is bound to fail when we become weary. It’s so important to reserve times of pampering and refreshing for yourself in the presence of the Lord. If you cannot schedule quiet time for praying or for meditating on Scriptures first thing in the morning, plan to disperse that time all throughout your day, so your day is peppered with grace. Without the Lord, we just resemble those mechanical, mannequin-looking women who pull steaming pies from ovens with one hand and mop the floor with the other hand–all while wearing heels. Without the Lord, we are aiming blindly for a perfection and order that cannot exist because we must put Him first.
We can simply put Him first by acknowledging our need for His guidance in how we are to love our husbands and deal with them on a respectful level, no matter what is going on. We can put God first by prayerfully involving Him in our decision-making concerning how we discipline, teach, and train up our children. This can pertain to the television shows they are allowed to watch,as well as, the games and activities we allow them to participate in. We can put God first by asking Him how we can point others in our workplaces and communities to Christ in how we conduct ourselves and live out our lives all to His glory.
Without God, my life is just an endless list of things to do. Without God, I cannot love my husband and children with a contented heart that accepts my successes, as well as, my failures. Without God, my life would lack purpose, and I thank Him for being the one who balances and adds eternal meaning to my life each day!
Matthew 6:33 ” But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”
Have a Blessed day ♡
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