Prayer Against Adultery


Dear Lord, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, let every yoke of adultery that hangs on the shoulders of husbands and wives be broken and crumbled to pieces. Let the pieces be engulfed by Your glory as You turn their hearts back to you. Give husbands and wives the mind of Christ and renew our thoughts, hearts, and spirits in You. Lord, every desire husbands and wives secretly fan to flames in their hearts for foreign flesh–for anyone other than their spouses–quench every spark and every flame with Your Holy Spirit!!! Let every path to the immoral seductresses (both men and women) be burned and hedged up with thorns that will pierce their hearts and lead them to repent!!! Give every husband and wife a soft heart that wants to hear Your voice and correction! Your correction saves!!! Lord, aside from selfish desires to not see marriages fall apart. Show Yourself MIGHTY in the hearts of all those who are either committing or contemplating adultery!!! Lord, give those in rebellion no rest so they have no choice but to turn to You!!! I pray for their salvation Lord!! The immoral seductress pathways lead to death!!! Lord, give us hearts and faith that are unmoved by the temptations that will surely lead to paths of destruction and death! Give every husband and wife power as we speak Your Word over our marriages taking captive all imaginings, thoughts, circumstances, and anything that is contrary to what Your Word declares!! Thank You in advance for the restorations and for breaking the generational strongholds of adultery from Your covenant marriages. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!~ Cassandra♥
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8 thoughts on “Prayer Against Adultery

  1. Alice D. Elam says:

    I have a question, What do you do when your spouse is no longer physically/sexually attracted to you?


    • Cassandra says:

      Hi Alice, you will want to in a non confrontational conversation ask your husband questions to get an understanding of why he is not interested in sexual intimacy with you. It could be a simple misunderstanding. Or stress. You’ll want to be honest about missing him. Pray and ask God to help you both have the desire for each other that He intends you to have and to remove anything that has gotten in the way of your intimate connection. God bless~


      • Alice D. Elam says:

        Thank you Cassandra, but it’s not that easy. Every conversation concerning this subject turns into an argument with my feelings being hurt and him being frustrated. He says he loves me and is still attracted to me, but it’s not clear to me, when he feels like having sex, we do, which isn’t that often but when I feel like it he comes up with any/every excuse he can! I wish I could say it hasn’t always been like this, but it has gotten considerably worse since his infidelity the point I won’t approach him for sex. I sometimes wonder if I made a mistake by staying in the marriage after the affair 😦


      • Cassandra says:

        Alice, you’re welcome. It is not easy after infidelity. Your marriage bed was defiled and needs to be healed. That requires willingness especially on his part bc he committed the adultery. Is pornography a part of the picture? Adultery dilutes his passion for you. Has he repented? He needs to be fully committed to restoring things with you and that means rebuilding intimacy. I will write a blog on this because adultery creates a wall. Even after forgiving him, it can be hard to come back together without him feeling shame or guilt. Keep letting him know you desire him and keep praying about it for a breakthrough.


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