Intimacy Crushers


Intimacy crushers prevent spouses from being emotionally and/or physically connected. They are factors that can crush intimacy in even the strongest marriage relationship. 
The #1) intimacy crusher is: the “D” word. “Divorce”. When that word gets tossed around like confetti during disagreements, it builds distrust. Marriage and real love is about being committed. One does not demonstrate commitment by keeping one foot out the door and brandishing threats.
2) Lack of Time. If you have no time to connect with your spouse and time is not created, instead of intimacy, you will have distance. Without quality time to listen and talk to your spouse, there will be a disconnection in your relationship.
3) “At” versus “Into”. Are you looking at your spouse and seeing the superficial aspects of their personality? Or are you looking into your spouse’s behavior deeper to reach their heart so you can connect with understanding? Do you merely talk at your spouse with trivialities or do you speak life into him/her and try to connect? Pay attention to what you are saying. Pray and ask God to help your words plug into your spouse so you have meaningful communication.
4) Distrust. Let’s face it. If there isn’t complete trust, spouses will find it difficult to be vulnerable and let their guards down. The flow of love and intimacy will be blocked.
5) Infidelity. Any present or past infidelities can ruin intimacy between spouses. All adulterous behaviors must be confessed, repented of, and eliminated.
6) Resentment.  Any bitter feelings harbored in a marriage will create a gulf between that couple.  Hardened hearts cannot properly give or receive love. Forgive whether you’ve received an actual apology because unforgiveness allows any hurts or betrayals to continue to hurt your heart. If any of these are present in your marriage, seek the Lord’s help to tear down any walls between you and your spouse.  Pray for a softened heart and for eyes to be able to understand your spouse’s heart, as well. May the Lord pluck up any thing that may be causing division or disconnection between husbands and their wives. May every marriage be a haven where intimacy flows and is not crushed. In Jesus’ name, Amen~
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