My Missing Glass Slipper

From Last Night’s Files~ A lesson learned that only Jesus can could replace what was lost♥

Watchmen Wives


When I married my husband, I was looking to him to fulfill the empty places inside of my heart. I was like Cinderella missing my “glass slipper”–the missing piece to my attire of joy and wholeness. I believed that something in my marriage would recover what I had lost along my life’s journey. My glass slipper was my joy, the unguarded and carefree imagination to dream aloud, my zest for life that I’d left behind to escape time, fear, and painful situations the enemy planned to ensnare me and derail God’s purpose for my life. I saw all of those things that I’d left behind and lost in who my husband is. When we first met, he captivated me with his charismatic vision and sparkling personality. No matter the trials that transpired in our marriage, I never was drawn away from his inner flame. But he did not have my…

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