“Private Lessons”

This is one of my most popular articles, and it’s touching on a topic that is essential in marriage–Sex! Sex was designed by God to be enjoyed between a husband and his wife. Our bodies are designed to respond to and desire intimacy. It should not be neglected in a marriage. Pray that God will increase the bond and oneness between you and your spouse~ Cassandra♡

Watchmen Wives


Sex between a husband and his wife is a sacred song—a holy and righteous opus written by God. The chords of sexual intimacy are to be played within the confines of marriage. God wants us to enjoy our spouse! Our bodies are instruments on loan from God to be exclusively handled and played by our spouse with great ardor!

Repeat the previous sentence aloud to yourself or to your spouse and meditate upon the key word “ardor”. Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary provides the origin for “ardor” as being: “Middle English ardour, from Anglo-French & Latin; Anglo-French, from Latin ardor burning, heat..” In addition, the following words are Merriam-Webster’s synonyms for “ardor”: “ardency, emotion, enthusiasm, fervency, fervidness, fervor, fire, heat, intenseness, intensity, passion, passionateness, vehemence, warmth, white heat.” Consider your level of focus as you study and play your instrument with ardor 🙂

We are to be our spouse’s instructor and exercise…

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