“Casting for Breakthroughs”

In case you missed last night’s word, let’s start the day fresh by casting for breakthroughs where Jesus leads us. Have a Blessed day!

Watchmen Wives


Many times we fish for a change in our husband’s conduct by casting forth our words. We think that what we are saying will produce a harvest in our favor. We need to start thinking BIGGER and in terms of nothing short of miraculous! Amen~ When we follow the Lord’s lead, He will make us expert fishers who know how to draw from the wells of our husband’s hearts by using our prayers.
” The intentions of a person’s heart are deep waters, but a discerning person reveals them”~ Proverbs 20:5
We may have, with our words, been casting nets repeatedly in the same areas of concern and drawing them up only to come up with nothing or barely enough for a moment’s satisfaction. Let us follow Jesus and obey God’s Word. He will show us where to cast our nets. Cast your nets with prayer and HE will cause…

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