What To Pray For for Your Marriage

It can seem overwhelming when we want to pray for our marriages because there are so many areas of concern and interest, so I’ve made up a list of areas to provide points of reference. Pray they bless you! 🙂

Watchmen Wives


The beginning of wisdom and understanding can be found in a simple prayer. One does not have to attend a workshop or follow a daily regimen of devotionals and readings prescribed by others in order to receive insight into their marriage. These tools are definitely helpful but not necessary 🙂 Some of the best insights we can receive are a result of simply seeking God on our own in our personal prayers. Today, I just want to cover some important areas of marriage we can pray about. By no means am I attempting to tell you what to pray; May God guide you in the specifics that you should pray May this bless you!

~Points to Cover In Praying
      for Your Marriage~
Lord, guide us in:
1. Love~ Ephesians 5, Hebrews 3, Titus 2
That we would learn what it means to love like Christ and see our…

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