Prayer Points for Husbands and Wives

You are equipped and positioned best to pray for your spouse~

Watchmen Wives


It is so important for every husband to pray for his wife and vice versa. There is power in prayer! Your husband or wife may not ask you to pray; but if you pray anyway, what a beautiful way you are able to extend grace and love! Just as we don’t have to ask Jesus to intercede for us before our heavenly Father, we can emulate Him and allow intercessory prayers for our spouses to rise like a sweet-smelling incense to God. Let your prayers be another act of love you instill in your marriage.

Prayer Points for Husbands to Pray for Their Wives :
1. Her walk with God. Pray for your wife’s walk with the Lord. If she puts Him first, He will teach her how to submit to your leadership and also how to respect you.
2. Ask for Wisdom. Ask Him to give you wisdom in…

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