Removing the Veil


Dear Friends,
My ebook “Removing the Veil” is available on Amazon for Kindle download at $3.99! It is a wonderful resource for any wife who is in need of encouragement in her marriage.  In its pages, I share my testimony of how God gave me back my hope and renewed His purpose in my life for what I once believed was a lost cause. God led me to study three wives from the Bible to learn from their weaknesses and strengths:
◆Queen Esther~ a wife of great valor whose humbleness placed her in position so God could exalt her in order to save a nation!
Abigail was wife to Nabal whose uncouth response to David’s men almost cost their entire household’s lives.
Leah who dealt with a thorn in her side (her own sister Rachel) in her marriage to Jacob which caused her to constantly compete for his love.
I was surprised I found these wives’ situations were so relatable. In reading their accounts, I am both humbled and empowered because God must have included their accounts because He knows just how hard married life can truly be! There are wives who are suffering in marriages with husbands like Nabal who are not loving men who cherish and honor them. There are wives who have no peace and who are dealing with thorns in their marriage that have taken on the form of “the other women/seductresses” who have competitively come in between them and their husbands. There are wives like Esther who don’t know that exactly “for such a time as this” God has allowed situations to arise so they can rise up into their purpose and intercede! No matter, our situations,  we can all be encouraged that God is with us and we don’t have to be like the wives from the Bible because He is helping each of us to write our own stories in our marriages. 
I pray this book blesses you and spurs you to believe more, hope for more, and trust God in your marriages.
Cassandra Salamone
creator of Cassandra’s Marriage Mints

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