Not Another Epic Sinking RelationShip


Hello dear friends,
God inspired me tonight as I reflected upon where He has brought my husband and I in our marriage. I pictured in my mind that the biting, frigid waters of our relationship were warming up to my prayers. For a while, my marriage had been in a winter season. As I thought on this truth, a scene from one of my favorite movies popped unexpectedly into my mind. I recalled a scene from the movie “Titanic” that was heartbreaking to say the least. It was the scene when Rose and Jack clung to the wooden board. Then, tragically,  Rose was the only one who was able to climb out of the freezing ocean to stay afloat atop the board. Jack resigned himself to a sacrificial fate in order that Rose might be spared an icy death.
The Titanic has been a tear-jerker for me during the horrifying scenes in which the majestic ship  breaks in half and finally capsizes beneath the arctic depths of the sea. Such a saddening thought– the human casualties and loss! The same can be said when a marriage relationship becomes broken and capsizes or fails. Remember in the movie when the man who designed the Titanic said that it was impossible for his ship to sink–for his design to fail? Well, his design was imperfect and did, indeed,  fail. God is the designer of marriage, and when we build our marriage relationships according to His blueprint in His Word, His perfect design will not fail!
When marriage relationships become broken, it is heartbreaking for the passengers aboard to experience it; and loved ones who are witnessing the destruction may feel incapable of coming to their rescue. When a husband and wife witness their marriage fall apart–their once precious vessel of love reduced to floating bits of unrecognizable moments and splintered promises, it’s time for the flares to go up! And by flares, I mean PRAYERS! They shouldn’t expect anyone to come rushing to bail them out immediately. Honestly,  just as in the movie, many times people are too concerned with trying to save their own lives because everyone is fighting a spiritual battle.  It all boiled down to Jack and Rose in the icy, frozen water with no one else around to help. In reality, a couple can have all the friends, counselors, Pastors, and advice from family they desire; but at the end of the day, it’s just husband and wife staring back at one another while clinging on to remnants of their marriage.  No marriage is beyond the danger of sinking or experiencing problems. However, when a husband and his wife will honor God’s design and humble themselves to acknowledge they don’t have it all figured out, there is hope for them.
Think of how Jack sacrificed himself for Rose (although she was not his bride, I believe he intended to make her his wife) and died so she could have life and be redeemed from death! Jesus died for His bride–for us! And in Ephesians 5,  husbands are instructed to do the same! Amazing how Jack did not waver in his decision to put Rose’s needs before his own! In my imagining, I envision that just as Jack gave up his life for her, Rose had to let Jack go. She had to watch his descent and give it to God. The movie scene is dismal, but I envision that like Jack, husbands can die to their flesh and allow their sinful natures to fall away!
In place of a hardened, icy, unrepentant husband, there will be a husband strengthened by the Lord to climb atop the wooden board alongside his wife. That is the ending I imagined tonight because with God nothing is impossible! And I believe that for every sinking marriage relationship, no matter how far gone it is, with God there is always hope! I thank God for showing me that my marriage is not just another epic sinking relationship. Thanks for giving my husband the strength to climb up alongside of me :^)
God bless♥
•Cassandra Salamone•

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